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Bus Stations

Comilla has good communication network. It is known as the hub of road communication of eastern part of Bangladesh . One of the oldest highways of the Indian Sub-continent, 'The Grand Trunk Road' has approached through the city. At present, the most important Dhaka-Chittagong highway bypass the city from the cantonment to Poduar Bazar. Comilla is located at 97 kilometers from the capital city,Dhaka.

This can be travelled by road or railway. The trains has to travel 197 kilometers and takes over 3 hours to Comilla, however buses take about 2 hours only. Hundreds of trucks & lorries travel to or from Comilla with goods. Prominent bus services to Comilla are Tisha, Asia Line, Prince etc.As Public Goods Carrier Messey ferguson Tractor Used last 30 years.Mr Hazi Mohiuddin one of pionear Transport Businessman who first started Machenery Cultivation Tractor & Rotavetor in 1981.

Road networks are administered by RHD, LGED and Municipalitis. RHD and LGED have regional headquarters in Comilla. RHD is responsible for National Highways, Regional Highways and District Roads; LGED is responsible for Upazila Roads and Union Roads; where as Municipalities are responsible for municipal roads.
Communication facilities Roads:

Asphalted/Paved Road: 1219 km

Mud Road:  587 km

Railways 108 km

Airport 1

Traditional transport Palanquin, horse carriage, bullock cart, dhuri and bhari. These means of transport are either extinct or nearly extinct.


Buses for Dhaka (Tk 70, Three hours), and other cities to the north, leave from Station Rd, just west of the railway line. Tisha Bus (65856; Wapda Rd), off Station Rd, operates coaches to Dhaka (Tk 100, every 20 minutes between 5.40am and 7pm).

Buses for Chittagong (Tk 100/150, four hours, every 20 minutes between 5.30am and 5.30pm) and other towns to the south leave from the Chowk Bazar Rd bus station, about 2km east of Kandirpar Circle.

If you're heading to Mymensingh and don't want to go via Dhaka, go north to Bhairab Bazar, in Dhaka division, and pick up connections there.


Comilla is on the Dhaka–Chittagong line. There are a couple of daily express trains to Dhaka (air-con berth/1st/sulob class Tk 360/170/90, six hours, departs 1.37am and 1.54pm) and a couple of non-daily departures (which often have more convenient departure times). Two go to Sylhet (1st/2nd class, Tk 195/135, 6½ hours, departs 12.47am and 10.57am – service doesn't run Monday). There are at least three daily express trains to Chittagong (1st/sulob class Tk 140/80, departs 11.44am, 2.20pm and 3.15pm) as well as further non-daily trains.


- Banglapedia (National Encyclopedia of Bangladesh)

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